Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Power Vote

Throughout this fall semester, UM CAN has been actively participating in the Power Vote campaign.  Power Vote is a nation-wide, non-partisan effort to gather pledges of one million young voters to support the platform, which urges voters to consider specific issues when they hit the polls in November.  These issues include: 

1. Investing in green jobs, i.e. jobs related to renewable energy, retrofitting buildings, etc.
2. Investing in a clean energy economy
3. Cutting global warming pollution now
4. Ending dependence on dirty energy
5. Re-engaging as a leader in the global community
6. Removing dirty money from politics, and holding leaders accountable to the people, not dirty  energy interests

You can read more about the Power Vote platform at this website: 

If you would like to take the pledge without filling out one of our many forms, you can visit:  http://www.powervote.org

This is a non-partisan, non-binding pledge.  Members of UM CAN believe that it is important to use the right to vote to hold our nation's leaders accountable to the increasing amount of people who demand clean energy, clean economics, and clean politics.  By gathering pledges, we aim to help raise awareness of both the voters and the leaders for whom we will or will not vote.

If you would like more information on Montana and Missoula's local leaders who are up for election this year, you may want to visit the Montana Conservation Voters website: http://mtvoters.org

UM CAN has set a goal to collect 1,000 pledges from university students and other voters in the community.   As of October 21st, we have reached over 25% of that goal!  Congratulations and keep on collecting those pledges!

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