Thursday, November 19, 2009

Climate Action Plan Announcements

UMCAN and Mont PIRG Climate Action Plan comment meeting.
  • December 1st, Tuesday 5 pm UC Alumni Boardroom 329
2020 Vision has been a huge help in keeping UMCAN and other student groups interested in climate change informed about the Climate Action Plan.  Be sure to thank them the next time you see a member!

2020 Vision ideas for UMCAN and Mont PIRG members at the meeting:
  1. Access the draft plan at 
  2. Submit comments to (Erica Bloom) or
  3. Propose an aggressive deadline (i.e. 2020) This is important in order for momentum to be maintained as the plan is implemented and to keep pressure on the University to continue to allocate time, effort, and resources to reduce carbon emissions into the future.
Contact 2020 Vision  at:
2020 Vision is a group of EVST graduate students who are advocating for UM to commit to carbon neutrality by 2020.

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